Wiśniowa is located in the valley of the stream Krzyworzeka. It is surrounded by hills: from the east by the range of Ciecień, and from the west by Łysina and Lubomir. It is about 50 km to the south from Krakow and about 15 km from Myślenice. The commune is nowadays putting on a great pressure on development of tourism and farm tourism. There are perfect conditions for weekend excursions away from cities; clear air, beautiful landscapes, woods filled with mushrooms and berries, wonderful conditions to practice the bicycle and walking tourism.

From the top of Ciecień (829 m above mean see level), surrounding Wiśniowa from the east, a panorama of Beskid Wyspowy and Gorce with a towering Turbacz appears. Similarly fine views can be observed from Wierzbanowska Góra (778 m), from the southern side. From Łysina (891 m), Lubomir (904 m) and Kamiennik (818 m), from the west, Podhale can be seen, with majestic, till the beginning of summer snowy peak of Babia Góra - "Queen of Beskidy" and with crested chain of the Tatras, visible fully on the bright days. In the northern direction, a light blue surface of the Dobczyce Lake can be seen. For picturesque views, it is worth going along the winding hairpin roads to the Wierzbanowska Pass and Jaworzyce Pass.

Wiśniowa Commune is a part of Myślenice District in Malopolska Region, which has one of the greatest developmental prospects and in 1999 was on the fourth place in Poland in terms of number of tourist and foreign arrivals (1.7 mln). According to the Institute of the Tourism in Krakow, Malopolska Region is on the first place in terms of the number of domestic tourists.

Wiśniowa has a good road connections with the main road E4, going through Kraków, Wieliczka, Bochnia, Tarnów, Rzeszów and Przemyśl, and being a part of international highway from Germany to Ukraine. Neighborhood of tourist resorts, such as Zakopane or Szczawnica, influences positively the number of tourist visiting our commune.

Outstanding natural values, attractive geographical situation, clear air (there are no industrial plants within several dozen kilometers radius), living cultural traditions, good communication connections, as well as wide lodging and culinary infrastructure - are the main advantages of Wiśniowa Commune.

On the area of commune there is a network of farm tourism households which offer single and shared guest rooms. There is also a youth hostel familiar to participants of hiking camps. A Tourist-Holiday Centre and hotel with disco are waiting for guests. In private lodgings, apart from accommodation, nutritious meals prepared of raw materials coming from own crops are offered. Fresh eggs, the curd, milk fresh from the cow, butter of household work, still warm bread from the country stove - these are delicacies that cannot be found in urban shops.

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In the Wiśniowa Commune there are living local cultural traditions. In this section you will find ceremonies and customs that are characteristic for Myślenice District and Wiśniowa Commune.

We encourage to see the films presenting cultural traditions in the commune.

Film 1 - "Wesele Wiśniowskie"
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Film 2 - Wojewódzki Konkurs Kapel Śpiewaków i Instrumentalistów Ludowych
[view] [download]
Film 3 - Nabożeństwo majowe - 2007r.
[view] [download]
Film 4 - Koncert orkiestry dętej z Wiśniowej
[view] [download]
Film 5 - Dożynki gminne
[view] [download]
Film 6 - Dożynki powiatowe - 2007r.
[view] [download]
Film 7 - Sztuki "Poseł czy Kominiarz", "Piekielnica" i inne
[view] [download]
Film 8 - Złote Gody
[view] [download]
Film 9 - Dziecięca Grupa Kolędnicza
[view] [download]
Film 10 - Jasełka
[view] [download]
Film 11 - Misterium Męki Pańskiej
[view] [download]
Film 12 - Sztuka "Oskarżenie nieśmiertelnego"
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